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Take the guesswork out of trading with FinClub’s artificial intelligence stock selection suite .



The Market is Never Wrong

Know each day if your positions are swimming with or against the current with FinClub’s Daily Market Trajectory Indicator.

Are You Tired of Stock Picks Without Context?

Our AI models process up to millions of calculations each day to generate a refined list of stocks with a high probability of reaching target prices in a short time frame.

Each morning at market open, FinClub stock selection models refresh to further enhance the daily list with the best picks along with exit targets and favorable entry point thresholds.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Gain insight on which sectors have “fuel” to keep going and which ones have run out of steam with FinClub’s Momentum Indicators.

Never be Caught Off-Guard 

The FinClub Workbench is your personal record keeping tool for position lifecycle management.Completed entries in the workbench area will receive alerts for profit exits & stop loss.


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C. Uhl

"I start every single trading day with Finclub. The market trajectory and momentum indicators are my favorite. When I use these, I feel that I am one of the most informed traders in the market. If you're trading without Finclub, then you are only trading with 1/2 the story."

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