About Us

Discover the team behind the data, numbers and technology that helps drive FinClub

Finclub was born out of the necessity to give retail traders the tools necessary to compete with much larger institutional investors. Our team of mathematicians & quantitative analysts, artificial intelligence engineers & programmers, and experienced traders & economists are dedicated to finding mathematical truth in the equity markets, and to deliver this truth to those who need it most.

Unlike so many others, “A.I.” isn’t a buzzword at Finclub. An algorithm that works today, but fails miserably tomorrow isn’t artificial intelligence, it’s just algebra. Our system of traditional and machine learning models routinely churns through tens of millions of calculations every single day the U.S. markets are open, with each completed formula working to enhance the overall system. This self- improving architecture is our insurance against the ever-changing conditions of a living, breathing market.

At projected levels of inflation and expanding average lifespans, the unfortunate yet obvious truth is that most cannot afford the minimum investment necessary to achieve a modest retirement with the traditional indexed returns of a “buy and hold” approach.

We’re not interested in pumping out the next billionaire so they might one day be featured in a commercial from a private jet, luring others into false promises of wealth. Instead, our goal is to empower individuals so they can trade to pay for increasing tuition costs, trade to pay off their mortgages, trade to retire, and retire well. Our ultimate aim is to diminish the earnings disparity divergence the world faces today. Our vehicle with which to do so is Finclub, an A.I. based stock selection protocol designed to minimize investment risk and market exposure while suggesting only those equities with the highest probability of near-immediate returns, with a delivery format that is both simple to understand and efficient to use. This in turn allows our users to benefit from the rapid compounding effect of capital reinvestment with minimal drawdowns.

At Finclub, our first, last, and only priority is you: the individual retail trader, because we are just like you, and we understand that making a better world means making it better for everyone.