Daily List


The order of suggested pre-market priority, sorted from first-to-last according to AI-generated risk, return, and probability values.


The identifying mark of the company within an exchange (NYSE or NASDAQ).


This feature initiates the onboarding process of the selected stock into your active workbench area for position monitoring and eventual inclusion into your personal trading long.


Approximate time that stock may take to reach High Probability Target

-Pass At Open

Each displayed stock undergoes additional scrutiny immediately at market open which incorporates the latest available data. There are three possible ratings:

“Pass” : New data supports the position.

“Caution” : New data fails to confirm, but also does not nullify the position.

“Fail” : New data contradicts the position.

-Max Buy Price at Open

FinClub’s maximum suggested entry price for the day at market open only.

-High Probability Target

The projected price with the highest probability of being achieved within the specified amount of time, as determined by our AI.

-Estimated ROI:

%ge profit calculated based on Last Close Price.

-Average Volume

A simple moving average of the given stock’s recent trading volume.


The GICS sector in which the stock belongs (default display is all sectors).

-Build Allocation

Interactive buttons which either include (Active) or exclude (Inactive) a stock in the allocation chart.

Momentum Indicators

These indicators reflect buying and selling pressure enhanced by AI models across GICS sectors and the broader market. Increasing and/or higher values are typically associated with price appreciation, whereas decreasing and/or lower values are generally correlated with depreciation.

Market Trajectory Indicator

This indicator provides a simple, easy to understand display of which way the overall market is likely to move on a daily basis.

Historical Section

This section contains the complete historical account of every qualifying (“pass” or “Caution” rating at open) stock from the FinClub Daily List since inception. You will also find a record of the Market Trajectory indicator status for each date.

NO WAY! We’ve seen the VAST majority move in just a day or two, with some even hitting targets within hours of being displayed. That means you’re going to see many opportunities to quickly rebalance and compound your earnings!

Some may take up to 5 market days to hit the target – and a small percentage of them may fail to do so – but these tend to correlate with days in which overall market performance is sluggish (which you can mitigate by incorporating the Market Trajectory indicator into your strategy). According to our AI, trading our displayed stocks is still the best allocation of your money in this asset class without taking on far more risk.

Various methods of technical analysis utilize the term “resistance” to specify a certain price an asset is unlikely to surpass; however, these approaches often neglect to account for the impact of time elapsed (or do so crudely). Our approach is different – not to mention proprietary – and displaying this value would likely lead our users to unknowingly misuse these values. FinClub subscribers should be aware that it is generally accepted as an industry best practice to protect against your downside exposure via the strategy of your choosing or that recommended to you by your financial advisor.

Our allocation model is a proprietary approach which borrows heavily from widely accepted methodologies such as Modern Portfolio Theory. We have modified criteria to suit the needs of short timeframe “swing traders.”

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